Bolia Design Awards 2024


You are now applying for Bolia Design Awards 2024

Dear you!

Thank you for showing interest in Bolia Design Awards 2024, we really appreciate it. Here is a little more on our creative outset and what we are looking for.


The Creative Outset

At Bolia, we are optimists who believe that the world is slowly changing for the better and that it gives room for new possibilities. As the world changes, consumers also change, politicians change, and you and I change. Every day we become more insightful, making more conscious, greener, and healthier choices.

That is why sustainability is the overall playground for every new design. We continuously work towards making better, more sustainable decisions and designs, and we expect you to do the same while joining us in creating the next chapter of New Scandinavian Design.

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What we’re looking for

New Scandinavian Design is the pillar that defines our style and identity. We love new classics, creative icons make us ecstatic, and we fall in love with the perfect combination of aesthetics and function that enhance and inspire our everyday lives. We especially love natural, durable materials and great craftsmanship with a sharp attention to detail.

All in all, we want to be moved. To be challenged and to see the world from a new, fresh, and positive perspective. So be creative, bold, and ambitious – and let your dreams fly freely.

The deadline for participating is September 30th, 2024, so go right ahead. You are welcome to upload a maximum of 3 designs. 


How and what to do:

  • Upload your design proposal in a PDF format – one file for each design, and you may submit 3 designs in total in separate files of max. 5 pages each.

  • Present your design any which way you want - drawings, sketches, renderings, pictures of 3D models or something completely different.

  • Regarding formalities in the uploaded PDF: no specific guidelines are in place. It is entirely up to you how you wish to present your work.

  • Please do incorporate thoughts behind the design(s) and your choice of materials, as this is essential for the jury’s assessment.

  • Making sure your design is technically possible to manufacture is required.

  • If you have a prototype, great! Please share some pictures or video of it – we unfortunately cannot receive them physically as part of your submission.

  • Submit your design no later than September 30th 2024 – winners are revealed in November.

Please note: 

  • We do not accept designs that are already in production or on the market.

  • Until the end of November 2024, your submitted design(s) are not to be pitched to other design brands or retailers.

  • If your design catches the attention of our Range team, you will be contacted directly for a possible design collaboration after the competition has ended.

  • All submissions are eligible for the opportunity to become part of our collection – but none are guaranteed.


We can’t wait to dive into a more circular, beautiful, and optimistic future with you!

At Bolia, we love creating beautiful spaces designed to inspire personal growth and boost creativity. What was permanent and formal before is becoming fluid and flexible. It calls for new perspectives on how we organize, how we work, and how we share our creativity. Creating a culture built on honesty and trust where diversity, equality and inclusion are a matter of course and complementary terms that depend on each other. It’s about empowering people, cherish fluidity and encourage personal growth in a nourishing and inspiring environment. Welcome to the new ways of working. Everyone in Bolia has an important voice, and we share our knowledge and ideas to improve our work – and our world. And reimagining our work life will bring more meaning and balance to our lives and more sustainable results to our business.

Explore our creative universe, our dreams and ambitions, and all the things that move us in our film below.





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