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Boeing 737NG Type Rating

Courses will start from December 2017!


Pre-entry requirements


In order to qualify for the course, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

    be at least 18 years of age

    hold a valid EASA/JAR CPL(A), MPL(A) or ATPL(A)

    hold a valid multi-engine IR(A)*

    have at least 70 hours as PIC on aeroplanes*

    satisfactory completed ATPL theoretical knowledge instruction

    ICAO English proficiency level 4 or higher

    EASA FCL Class 1 medical certificate

    hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of multi-crew co-operation (MCC) course

*only required if it is the first multi-engine type rating course.


Training Programme


The type rating training consists of the 3 following parts and will be conducted in the sequence indicated below.


1. Ground training:

    technical systems knowledge (incl. theoretical exam)


    flight planning

    mass and balance

    cockpit procedure training

    standard operating procedures

    emergency / safety equipment and procedures


2. Simulator training

    3 sessions fixed based simulator (each 04:00h) 

    9 sessions full flight simulator (each 04:00h / including LVO (CATII/III)-training)

    1 session type rating skill test


3. Aircraft training

    base training (touch & go's) with 4 or 6** take-off and landings

            (** depending on trainee's previous experience)


Time scale / training location


Ground training (classroom) will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark while time for ground training is approximately 4 weeks, including

    1 week homestudy CBT

    3 weeks classroom training (technical and non-technical topics)


Simulator training will be in Copenhagen, Denmark with time scheduled for simulator training is approximately 4 weeks.

Base Training will be one training day, with approximately 1 hour flight-time per student. 


Tests and examination


Progress checks shall be performed at various stages during ground and simulator training. If the student is deemed not to be up to the required standard, the student will be notified and additional training shall be added to the syllabus accordingly.


Boeing 737 Type Rating fee including

Touch & Go's is 24.900€

(excluding additional training if required)


An Apple IPAD will be provided free of charge for usage during the course. Accommodation, transport and licence administration fees for local Authorities are not included in the price.


Depending on candidate's performance during training and operational requirements, successful candidates might be offered a flying contract with Primera Air.


About Primera Air

Primera Air is member of the Primera Travel Group, and our primary goal is to provide excellent air travel services to our customers. As a dynamic company, the company has grown at a steady pace in recent years, and are now capable of offering flights from North and Central Europe to over 70 destinations. More information about the company:


Primera Air has both Danish and Latvian AOCs with Administration Offices in Denmark and Latvia and operates a fleet of nine Boeing 737 NG from various bases in northern Europe.