Full-Stack Developer

Join our dynamic Group Digital team at the heart of Copenhagen as a Full-Stack Developer! Immerse yourself in an innovative environment where cutting-edge technology meets creative freedom. Be an integral part of a collaborative development team that prides itself on building exceptional applications and solutions that delight our customers.

Embark on a career journey where your technical prowess is cherished and your personal growth is as important as our collective success. Flex your coding muscles by crafting seamless front-end experiences while engineering robust backend systems. Whether you are decoding complex challenges or celebrating project milestones, your contributions will fuel our mission to revolutionize the digital landscape.

If you're ready to take the helm of your professional destiny within a forward-thinking company that values your unique skills and ambition, we can't wait to meet you. Come and be the difference, where every line of code you write helps to create a user-centric digital universe, right here in the vibrant city of Copenhagen!

You will play an important role
As a key player in our team, you'll find yourself diving deep into the realm of full-stack development, supporting a fluid synergy between different teams. Your adaptability will shine as you pivot between these integral areas, ensuring you're always at the forefront of our evolving needs and priorities. Your expertise will not only guide the creation of innovative applications but will also influence the direction of our digital capabilities.

Your daily landscape will include active collaboration and coordination with a diverse set of stakeholders and developers. By bridging the gap between various teams, you'll ensure that all efforts are aligned and all voices are heard, fostering an environment of unity and mutual respect. Communication will be your strong suit, channeling the collective talent into a cohesive force for tech excellence.

In your hands, the interplay between frontend flair and backend brawn will become an art form, delivering solutions that are as robust as they are aesthetically pleasing. We rely on your unique ability to decode the intricacies of our digital efforts, turning complex challenges into victorious achievements.

As custodians of innovation, we not only look to you for immediate results but also your input into our long-term vision. Your role is pivotal in mentoring fellow developers, sharing insights, and exploring new technologies that could potentially redefine our digital journey. With a finger on the pulse of the latest tech trends, you'll have the chance to bring forth suggestions that could catapult our products to the leading edge of the industry.

So if you're passionate about making an impact and yearning for a workspace that challenges the status quo, your search ends here. Be an essential building block of our digital success story in Copenhagen, where your journey will be celebrated and your career will soar. Apply now to start writing your chapter in our digital revolution!

We imagine that you
Are the team player we're seeking for our interconnected Group Digital squad? We are on the hunt for somebody who not only excels in writing high-quality production code in Python and TypeScript but also brings a wealth of experience to the table with the Angular framework. Your ability to effortlessly navigate CI/CD pipelines will drive efficiency and ensure that our deployment processes are seamless.

Your open-minded approach and eagerness to integrate and collaborate make you the ideal candidate to contribute to our dynamic team. With your familiarity with message brokers like MQTT or RabbitMQ, you'll enable smooth and efficient communication between our services. And while expertise in Kubernetes or Helm charts is a significant plus, it's your foundational knowledge and willingness to grow in these areas that will truly make a difference.

We expect you’ll possess at least a Bachelor's or Master's degree in software development or a related field or equivalent experience, paired with a proven track record that speaks to your capabilities. But beyond your technical prowess, it's your communication skills that will illuminate our collaborative environment. Fluency in English is a must, ensuring you can articulate complex ideas and nurture the harmonious synergy within our multinational team.

Your involvement in our digital ecosystem is not just about coding; it’s about pushing boundaries, striving for continuous improvement, and being at the vanguard of technological advancement. We value creative input and encourage our team members to lead from the front, contributing to strategic discussions and knowledge-sharing that shape the future of our digital offerings.

If you're pulsing with a passion for tech innovation, and you're ready to dive into a role where your skills will be tested and your career aspirations will take flight, then we want to hear from you. Apply now to become a pivotal part of our digital odyssey, where every project is an opportunity to excel, and every challenge is a stepping stone towards collective triumph. Join us in the heart of Copenhagen, and together, let's advance the digital age!

Welcome to the team
At MAN ES, you're not just joining a team; you’re becoming part of a community of visionaries and innovators. We stand at the forefront of engineering, crafting the most advanced 2-stroke engines and digital solutions that power the future of global trade. With open minds and a passion for discovery, our people boldly venture into the realms of new techniques, constantly staying ahead of market trends. Here, in our 2-stroke segment team, you will be surrounded by a diverse array of interdisciplinary experts who thrive on collaboration and creativity, pushing boundaries to deliver excellence in everything we do.

As a member of our vibrant team, you will find yourself in an environment that is as challenging as it is rewarding. We are pioneers, dedicated to the creation of impactful, data-driven solutions within the maritime sector and you are now an integral part of this mission. Expect a culture that cherishes your unique perspective, invests in your professional growth, and promotes an open dialogue that fuels our collective advancement. At MAN ES, you will have the freedom to explore and the support to succeed. Welcome to the place where your work contributes to a more innovative and sustainable maritime future.

Build your own future
At MAN Energy Solutions, we focus on diversity and equality to create a creative and inclusive culture. We believe that a diverse workforce with a mix of gender, nationalities, and perspectives will drive innovation, creativity and productivity. We are committed to our employees’ well-being, and you will have the opportunity to join different social activities from yoga and fishing to creative clubs. 
We prioritize work-life balance, offering flexible working hours, the possibility of working from home, and mental well-being including health insurance and focus on work atmosphere. Here you have opportunities for growth, development, and mentorship.  
At MAN Energy Solutions, you can create, drive, build, and be a part of improving innovative energy solutions while achieving your personal career goals. In Group digital you will join diverse team from multiple background, working in different locations around the world. This creates unique oportunity to learn and build the future together.  '

Please submit your application to us no later than Monday 26th of February 2024. We will conduct interviews during the application period. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Head of Digital Delivery Denmark, Sauli Hurnanen by phone +45 26 66 73 15. More information about the company can be found at www.man-es.com

We encourage all qualified candidates regardless of gender, age, religion, disability and ethnic background to apply for this position.

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