Digital Operations Engineer

Join Our Digital Team in the Heart of Copenhagen!
Are you a tech-savvy team player passionate about cyber security, operational stability, and seamless customer experiences? We're seeking a proactive Digital Operations Engineer to champion our cutting-edge production platform in the vibrant pulse of Copenhagen! In this pivotal role, you'll vigilantly safeguard our systems, optimize performance, and provide our diverse clientele with unparalleled product interaction.

As the dynamic core of our operations team, you'll harness innovative technologies and collaborate closely with talented professionals. Here's your chance to flourish in a fast-paced environment that values your expertise and dedication. Embrace the challenge and be the force that propels us toward operational excellence and stellar customer satisfaction. Apply now and redefine industry standards with us!

Elevate Our Platform - Own the Pulse of Performance!
Be part of securing our platform's heartbeats. Your relentless attention to detail will keep our services running smoothly, as you join the team in maintaining the AWS based platform and boosting its observability. You'll fine-tune our systems, turning data into actionable insights, ensuring a robust, resilient framework that helps observe every transaction and interaction.

️ Craft Excellence - Be the Problem-Solver Extraordinaire! ️
As our go-to troubleshooter, you are the linchpin between uninterrupted service and operational hiccups. With a calm head and inventive approach, you'll tackle support tickets, dissect complex problems, and help restore platform operation. Your keen instincts for identifying bottlenecks will not only resolve issues swiftly but also enhance the user experience.

Revolutionize Efficiency - Master the Art of Automation!
You'll lead the charge in automating the mundane, freeing up our team to focus on innovation and strategic growth. From routine checks to complex processes, put your scripting prowess to work. By crafting intelligent workflows and automation scripts, you'll encapsulate operational wisdom, making our digital environment more efficient, responsive, and agile.

Bridge Worlds - Connect Users with Innovators!
You are the vital link that aligns our users' needs with our developers. Your facilitative skills will ensure seamless user onboarding and meticulous access management, simplifying the journey for new users while securing the gateways to our platform. Advocate for our users, translate their feedback into tech speak, and watch as you help form the ultimate user experience.Ready to join the vanguard? We can't wait to see what you'll bring to our digital dreamscape. Dive into a culture that celebrates your growth, rewards your initiatives, and passionately pushes the boundaries. Click 'Apply' and let your journey with us begin!

Join Forces with Fellow Innovators - Be a True Team Player!
In our vibrant, collaborative workspace, you will not be a lone wolf but a team player at the core. Your open-mindedness will allow you to merge diverse perspectives and drive towards common goals. As an integral part of our cross-functional squad, you'll leverage your knowledge of container and Kubernetes technologies, pushing the boundaries of what our platform can deliver. We value candidates who show an ability in container orchestration, making our services robust and scalable.

Continuous Evolution - Champion Change and Structure!
With your insights in change management, you'll help streamline our processes, ensuring that every update and transition is executed. We rely on your highly structured approach to methodically solve problems, balancing innovation with risk management. Your experience in programming, particularly in Python, will be crucial as you develop scripts and solutions that reinforce our digital fortress, maintaining our commitment to security and operational integrity.

Prioritize Protection - Be the Sentinel of Security!
A strong focus on security will be of big importance, as everything should be done with security first, front and center. Whether it is in user interactions, scripting or operations.

Rapid Response - Excel in Incident Management!
A cool head under pressure makes all the difference. We value seamless execution of incident management processes, and your experience here will put you at the forefront of operational resilience. Whether it's a false alarm or a full-scale incident, your swift and decisive action will ensure continuity and recovery. You will not only resolve issues efficiently but prevent potential threats from impacting our uptime.

Ready to step into this critical role and make a tangible impact every day? We're looking for someone who embodies the synergy of technical prowess and collaborative spirit. If you're excited to contribute to a team where your influence will be felt and your contributions will not go unnoticed, we encourage you to apply. Be a part of a culture that invests in you as much as you invest in it. Embark on a journey where your skills pave the way for a safe, seamless, and state-of-the-art digital experience. Apply now and unlock a career that propels both our platform and your potential!

Team Synthesis - Where Digital Meets Maritime Expertise
As part of Group Digital, the masterminds behind MAN Energy Solutions' cutting-edge IoT platform, you'll navigate within a multicultural environment that values each wave of creativity. In this department, camaraderie and technological prowess coalesce to deliver groundbreaking solutions. Expect a workspace that nurtures your growth while empowering you to take the lead on projects that revolutionize the way the maritime industry sails the digital seas. Here at MAN ES, we provide more than a job - we offer a place where you can make a tangible impact while growing your own horizon.

Dive into the Deep Blue of Innovation
As a pivotal part of our Digital Operations Engineering team, anticipate a landscape where your day-to-day contributions are integral to our technological voyage. Be at the helm of mission-critical projects, where the horizons of your growth stretch as far as the eye can see and where your passion for excellence is relentlessly fueled. Your future with us is a mosaic of challenging endeavors, enduring impact, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Welcome to the place where your work doesn't just ripple across the industry—it makes waves.

Ready to cast off? Set sail with us and chart a course to groundbreaking achievements. Apply now and anchor your career in a team that values your ingenuity and drive. Welcome to MAN Energy Solutions—where your voyage is about to begin!

Build your own future
At MAN Energy Solutions, we focus on diversity and equality to create a creative and inclusive culture. We believe that a diverse workforce with a mix of gender, nationalities, and perspectives will drive innovation, creativity and productivity. We are committed to our employees’ well-being, and you will have the opportunity to join different social activities from yoga and fishing to creative clubs. 
We prioritize work-life balance, offering flexible working hours, the possibility of working from home, and mental well-being including health insurance and focus on work atmosphere. Here you have opportunities for growth, development, and mentorship.  
At MAN Energy Solutions, you can create, drive, build, and be a part of improving innovative energy solutions while achieving your personal career goals. In Group digital you will join diverse team from multiple background, working in different locations around the world. This creates unique oportunity to learn and build the future together.  

Please submit your application to us no later than Friday the 26th of April 2024. We will conduct interviews during the application period. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Head of Digital Delivery Denmark, Sauli Hurnanen by phone +45 26 66 73 15. More information about the company can be found at www.man-es.com

We encourage all qualified candidates regardless of gender, age, religion, disability and ethnic background to apply for this position.

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