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Consultancy in Cardiology combined with a clinical professorship in Cardiology with focus on epidemiology

A clinical position as consultant of Cardiology at Copenhagen University Hospital - North Zealand, Hilleroed is open for appointment from as soon as possible. 

The position is combined with a 5-year externally funded position as clinical professor of Cardiology with special focus on Epidemiology at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. 

It is a requirement that the applicant is accepted for appointment of both the professorship and the consultancy. 

The advertisement for the professorship is available from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

About the department  

The Department of Cardiology handles approximately 7,000 admissions and facilitates around 17,000 outpatient visits annually, serving a population of approximately 350,000 citizens. Currently, cardiology services are distributed across Copenhagen University Hospital – North Zealand in Hilleroed and Frederikssund, as well as in ‘Sundhedshuset’ in Helsingor. The upcoming consolidation of activities is projected to take place at the new Copenhagen University Hospital – North Zealand, (NNH) in Hilleroed by 2026, with outpatient services continuing in health centers in Frederikssund and Helsingor.

The department plays a crucial role in emergency care, particularly at the chest pain clinic within the emergency department in Hillerød. Additionally, two sizable wards are operational at Hilleroed and Frederikssund Hospitals. Outpatient services are effectively managed across three locations.

Hilleroed hosts an invasive function specializing in the implantation and monitoring of pacemakers. A highly specialized imaging group, focusing on echocardiography and Cardiac CT, collaborates on PET CT scans with the Clinical Physiology Department. The department ensures access to cardiac CT services five days a week, supported by a dedicated CT scanner on-site.

Notably, a rapidly expanding research unit is centered around a full-time professor, several part-time researchers, and three clinically experienced research nurses.

The medical staff comprises one Chief Medical Officer, 20 Cardiology consultants, two cardiology trainees, 6-7 general medicine doctors, and 15 junior doctors.

Clinical functions and focus areas of the department 

The candidate should hold specialization in Internal medicine: Cardiology. The nature of specialized clinical work can be tailored to align with the candidate's primary interests and the department's needs. Strong emphasis is placed on effective collaboration skills.

The specialist is required to actively engage in the department's teaching responsibilities, sharing the workload equally with other cardiology consultants. Furthermore, active participation in the department's general quality and development initiatives is expected.

While the primary workplace will be Copenhagen University Hospital – North Zealand, Hilleroed, the candidate may have multiple workplaces as per the collective agreement for senior doctors.

Collaboration within the Cardiology group is essential, and the candidate is anticipated to take part in on-call duties after 8:00 PM until morning, following an 11-shift rotation for a full-time clinical position. Similarly, active participation in daily clinical work, beyond the specified main area of interest, is a key aspect of the role. This multifaceted engagement ensures a comprehensive contribution to both emergency care and ongoing clinical activities within the department.

Research and teaching 

With the new position as consultant in Cardiology and clinical professor of Cardiology with special focus on Epidemiology the Department of Cardiology wishes to strengthen leadership in clinical research and teaching. 


In order to be considered, the applicant must send an application to both the Faculty (the professorship) and to the hospital (the consultancy) cf. the simultaneously advertised position of the professorship. Appointment is conditioned by the fact that the applicant obtains both positions. This also applies to the applicants who are already employed as consultants at Copenhagen University Hospital – North Zealand, Hilleroed. 

Salary and conditions of employment as consultant are as agreed between the Danish Regions and the Danish Association of Medical Specialists and between the Capital Region and University of Copenhagen. 

As clinical professor 50 % of the working time will be allocated to academic tasks (e.g., research, teaching, evaluation tasks and communication with the public) in agreement with the Head of Department of Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Copenhagen. The remaining time will be allocated for clinical work in agreement with the head of Department of Cardiology. The clinical professor will receive secretarial or technical support equivalent to 50 % of a full-time secretary position from the Department of Cardiology. Additional support and details on the working conditions must be negotiated with the head of the Department of Cardiology, Copenhagen University Hospital - North Zealand, Hilleroed.

Application procedure 

The application must include the following: 

  • Curriculum Vitae and a complete list of publications 
  • Copy of the authorization certificate for specialist in Cardiology 
  • A description of how the applicant is qualified as 
  • Clinical expert 
  • Communicator 
  • Collaborator 
  • Manager/administrator/organizer 
  • Health advocate 
  • Scholar/researcher/teacher 
  • Professional 

A motivated application should be drawn up in accordance with the 7 medical competencies and should contain specification of special areas of interest and wishes. A CV, authorizations, list of publications and any references. For more information please refer to Sundhedsstyrelsen: The Seven Roles of Physicians.

We look forward to receiving your application. 

The application will be professionally assessed in accordance with the regulations in force in the Capital Region. 

The application deadline is 1. August 2024

If you want to know more about the position, you are welcome to contact 

Chief Medical Officer, Niels Tønder 2463 2093 

Information on Terms of employment for the Capital Region: 


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