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Be a part of NGI's Summer Projects 2018
Want to make a digital difference and help build a society on safe ground?
We are now looking for the best and the brightest students to be part of several ongoing projects at NGI for the summer 2018.

Geotechnical engineering is about understanding and utilizing the characteristics of soil and rock in construction engineering – onshore, offshore, in remote valleys and in dense cities. This requires extensive fieldwork, numerous site investigations and vast amounts of data, which needs to be crunched, analysed and presented.

Digital frontrunners wanted 
You will be working in a small, cross-disciplinary project team from day one, formed under one of the overall Summer Projects 2018. You will work intensively together with NGI's experts, and present your findings and your work to Upper Management at the end of your eight-week summer job at NGI's headquarters in Oslo, Norway. 
Summer Projects 2018
The two overall Summer Projects 2018 are:
  • SOGE 2021
    Working on establishing and developing cloud-based solutions to support Big Data analysis, with the integration of various sensors and the Internet of Things. The aim is to develop solutions for a Spatial Data Infrastructure. The solutions will contribute to developing datasets for Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, in order to build applications, which will both reduce costs and risks in geotechnical design. The long-term objective is to enable digital work processes and geospatial information in all of NGI's projects, by establishing catalogues, datasets and services that are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable by both humans and machines.

  • Intelligent Ground Models
    NGI has developed various tools to model the bedrock surface and characterise the geo-material properties of the subsurface ground from various sources of data. By implementing Machine Learning algorithms, we are able to crunch large datasets. We see great potential for developing new geo-models, utilising geological map data, information from geophysical surveys and data from geotechnical investigations. The aim is to develop intelligent and robust 3D ground models, which can deliver comprehensive analysis and cost-effective geotechnical design. Our goal is to provide insight to clients and partners and help them make informed choices quickly and efficiently.
What can you expect?
  • Be a part of an international, inclusive, diverse and dynamic working environment with colleagues from more than 30 different countries.
  • A technical and professional environment involving a high level of expertise and exciting challenges.
  • Get to know NGI as a future employer and build your network – including the possibility to engage yourself in NGI's social activities.
  • Freedom to conceptualize and implement solutions with guided supervision by NGI's group of experts.
  • The possibility to participate in ground-breaking work, which will enhance the way NGI will work in the future.
  • To present your work for Upper Management at NGI at the end of your stay. 
What do we expect of you?
You must possess a good knowledge of object-oriented programming and should have experience with Machine Learning techniques and geographical information systems (GIS). It is furthermore an advantage if you have expertise in geotechnical engineering and engineering geology.
You are a student of either civil engineering, mathematics, geomatics or computer science. Preferably in your 4th year, pursuing you Master's degree.
You have:
  • Strong analytical and numerical skills
  • Programming and modelling experience with Python/Matlab
  • Competence within comprehensive problem solving
  • Interest in Machine Learning and data analysis
  • Interest in Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G)
  • Completed 3-4 years of higher education 
We furthermore expect of you that you are fluent in English, that you are a team player with good communicative skills, and enjoy a proactive way of working together with others in a group.
We offer
Standard salary for NGI summer jobs and a great chance to boost your resume and your network. Interested candidates should send an application through our electronic application system below.
Application deadline is 15 February 2018. We will select relevant candidates for extended interviews.
Please note that the successful applicant must have the ability to apply for a Working Holiday Visa to be able to enter Norway. 




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