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How to apply - FAQs

I can´t login. The system can´t find my e-mail address
If it was a long time ago since you applied for a job or updated your profile, you may have been deleted from the database. You will have to do a new registration.

I can´t apply for a job with my username and password that I received from my Job Agent account
You can not use your Job Agent login account to apply for a job, these are two different accounts. The first time you register for a new job the system automatically sends login details.

How do I register to apply for a job?
You donĀ“t have to register to apply for a job. When you click on the job and proceed to the application form and enter your email details the system will automatically send your login information to you which you may use to update your profile or search for more jobs.

I can´t upload my CV or cover letter
Try to save your documents to a newer format. The following formats may be used: .pdf|.doc|.docx|.rtf|.txt|.gif|.jpg|.png|.rtf|.jpeg|.ods|.wps

How can I delete my profile?
Contact the company that you sent your application to, they can remove you from their database.

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